IFNA World Congress - Αthens, Greece 2012

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IFNA World Congress - Αthens, Greece 2012

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IFNA World Congress - Greece 2012

On behalf of the Executive Committee, Board of Global Advisors, Board of Directors and members of International Federation of Nonlinear Analysts (IFNA), we would like to extend you an invitation to participate at the IFNA World Congress 2012 that will be held at the University of Athens and the Biomedical Research Foundation-Academy of Athens, Greece on June 25 – July 1, 2012.

International Federation of Nonlinear Analysts (IFNA) is a not-for-profit educational and research oriented organization, with the ambitious goal of assisting in changing our world one topic at a time. IFNA is globally an interdisciplinary professional organization which seeks to promote the understanding of related complex nonlinear problems and approaches to solutions from all disciplines using the mathematical sciences. This focus on common themes has led to IFNA’s motto of understanding through:


Every four years IFNA hosts a world congress to bring together educators, researchers, business leaders, public and private academic administrators, and government officials, among others, to address their research interests, findings, policies, etc. that are a significant part of the mission and goals of IFNA. The theme of the 2012 IFNA World Congress is:

“Global Health, Environment, Economy and Energy Using Mathematical Sciences”

and it will be held at the University of Athens and the Biomedical Research Foundation-Academy of Athens. On our IFNA website, www.ifnaworld.org (click on IFNA 2012), you will find information concerning our mission, members of the IFNA GLOBAL ADVISORY BOARD, our administrative team in Athens, round table discussions, IFNA academic committee, different research sessions in health sciences, the economy, the environment, energy, engineering, pure and applied mathematics, computer technology, global culture, etc. and also a list of cultural, educational, and historical events that are under preparation.

For registration you can access our 2012 IFNA World Congress website, http://ifna2012.com

We believe that we will make your participation to the Congress memorable with respect to educational and cultural events. We hope that you accept our invitation and look forward to hearing from you.

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